The Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas Spa is the largest and best equipped spa in the area.

The hotel offers indoor swimming pool, sauna, steam bath, Turkish bath, relaxation room, fitness center, luxurious cabinets for spa procedures, beauty salon, fish spa and hairdresser with manicure and pedicure.

The range of spa therapy consists of over 150 varied spa rituals performed by an international team of VICTORIA SPA therapists - masseurs from Bali, Thailand and the Philippines.


The steam bath has many healing properties for both the skin and the airways and improves the immune system.

It combines well with other spa treatments and improves the supply of tissues with oxygen, which has a beneficial effect on muscle tone and elasticity of the skin. After a steam bath you are guaranteed to feel rested and refreshed.



This is the Middle Eastern version of the steam bath, which can be described as a wet variant of the sauna.

Our hammam is a spacious room with soft light. The floor of the hammam is warm. Lounges are also heated. It maintains a scaling temperature of about 50°C and a high humidity of 70-100%.


Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas's spa area features panoramic aroma, infrared and Himalayan saunas. The salt sauna is a dry room with hot air enriched with negative ions. Staying in a salt sauna increases body temperature, strengthens blood circulation, and hence our resistance to stress and effectively helps cure cold.

Salt sauna therapies help your body digest toxins by sweating and relieve stiff muscles

Himalayan salt purifies from bacteria and is very good for the respiratory system. The body absorbs minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iodine from the salt.

Хималайската сол пречиства от бактерии и е много полезна за дихателната система. Тялото поема минерали като калций, магнезий и йод от солта и те се абсорбират в него.

The salt, combined with a warm room, bestows the body with unmatched tranquility. Salt particles soothe the respiratory tract and treat skin diseases.


In the inimitable spa center of Grand Hotel Bansko, that is located on an area of over 2000sq.m, you will find the largest variety of spa facilities and services - 6 massage cabinets, Scandinavian, Stone and Aroma relaxation rooms, indoor swimming pool, 2 Jacuzzi, contrast shower, steam bath, hamman for procedures, 3 saunas - infrared, aroma sauna, and Finnish sauna, and a bio fireplace with live fire.

Enjoy the feeling of unparalleled relaxation that the quiet exotic music and the dim light of the candles in the hotel's spa will bring you. Relax your senses and let them feel the bliss of deserved rest.


FISH SPA is one of the newest treatments in the Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas Spa. This is an exotic procedure where small fish make your special manicure and pedicure.

While you enjoy the pleasant feeling of a little tickling from the touch of the fish called Gara Furra, they will gently remove the top layer of the epidermis and leave your skin fresh, clean and soft! This is because of the special enzyme emitted by the little Garra Rufa, which helps to regenerate the skin cells.

Aquariums for FISH SPA are equipped with the latest filtration system that provides clean water and an ideal biological environment for fish and humans.


The Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas's spa has 6 massage cabinets for spa therapies and rituals in which you can relax, remove stress and tension and take care of your body and spirit. Give yourself a wonderful experience with the Victoria Spa team.


Make your spa break fruitful and unforgettable with plenty of spa treatments, therapies and massages from all over the world. Whether you prefer a light or powerful massage, if you have a problem area or just want to relax, Victoria Spa therapists will do miracles for you!

  • ♦ Traditional massages
  • ♦ Healing massages
  • ♦ Exotic peels
  • ♦ Reflexology
  • ♦ Procedures in a Turkish bath
  • ♦ Sports massages
  • ♦ Special after-beach massages
  • ♦ Anti-cellulite procedures
  • ♦ Slimming modeling therapies
  • ♦ Massage rituals for two
  • ♦ Procedures / face masks
  • ♦ Epilation