The salt sauna is a dry room with hot air enriched with negative ions. Staying in a salt sauna increases body temperature, strengthens blood circulation, and hence our resistance to stress and effectively helps cure cold.

Salt sauna therapies help your body digest toxins by sweating and relieve stiff muscles

Himalayan salt purifies from bacteria and is very good for the respiratory system. The body absorbs minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iodine from the salt.

Хималайската сол пречиства от бактерии и е много полезна за дихателната система. Тялото поема минерали като калций, магнезий и йод от солта и те се абсорбират в него.

The salt, combined with a warm room, bestows the body with unmatched tranquility. Salt particles soothe the respiratory tract and treat skin diseases.

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